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Armed with good looks, interesting interactive mannerism and courtesy which endear him to the heart of both young and old, Pastor Peter Olujide Ajayi, is one golden scepter that holds his own in the academic precinct and socio-economic circles..
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The Petoa Schools consist  of the Nursery and Primary unit and the Secondary School unit.

Petoa Nursery and Primary School

The Petoa Nursery and Primary School is located at Awedele, Off Iyin Road, Basiri, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. The Nursery and Primary School section was established on 26th September, 1994 with 8 pupils, 4 teachers and 2 kindergarten helpers to start the 1994/ 1995 academic session. Before the end of the First Term of that session, the pupils’ number inscrutably rose to 80, and in the various subsequent academic sessions, the number of pupils leapt at the rate of 100 pupils per session.

Petoa City College
          Petoa City College was established in 2005 almost a decade after the Petoa Nursery and Primary school was mid-wifed. The establishment of Petoa City College was precipitated by various mind-boggling academic performances recorded by the Pupils in the Nursery/Primary Section over the decade. The crucial need to perpetuate the success of the Nursery/Primary section led to motivations from parents, friends and various stakeholders for the establishment of a Petoa Secondary school where brilliant pupils graduating from the Nursery / Primary section could be evacuated so that they could be in safe hands.